Jim Wilkinson

Director - Business Development

As Director of Business Development, Wilkinson listens to YOU.  He wants to hear your building plans and align the breadth of CIMA resources to squarely meet your needs.  CIMA success is a direct result of our ability to continually deliver completed projects based on your clients’ goals and overall project needs. 

Prior to joining CIMA, Wilkinson spent 33 years in the construction industry, largely in the commercial and residential fenestration area.  In one of his roles as division president, Jim led a commercial glazing company in Ohio that completed projects as a general contractor, specialty contractor, or sub-contractor for both public and private clients.  During his 33 year tenure he has well over 5,000 jobs supplied or performed with client-project diversity including a State Prison Power Plant, contemporary admin building at a private university, registered historical renovations, numerous state universities, large high school compounds,  Arby’s, storefront spaces, churches, and many other important projects.    

Wilkinson and CIMA are excited to work with you to complete your next project.  It is your project so we take great pride in offering a full array of solutions that meet your goals.  Our goal at CIMA is not only to listen, but also take proper time to explain how we manage and execute the various aspects of your project. 

Our experience and size allows us to complete projects from $150K to $4 million, in tenant improvement work to ground up buildings.  We have enjoyed working with local owners, national companies, developers, franchisors, franchisees, and many organizations.   

Wilkinson received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business in 1987.  Since 1991 Jim has served as manager, SM, GM, and division president of a couple of different businesses all in the construction industry.  At times Wilkinson has been on the client end of hiring a GC to build a showroom and a complete office build out which gives him insight on how valuable good communication is during the build process.  They are active in their church and enjoy serving God and community by doing construction mission trips on vacation time.  Jim and his wife have two adult children who made north Texas their home in 2010.

Wilkinson says that the CIMA General Contractors, Inc. is not only in the business of building  dynamic buildings and spaces, but also building strong relationships. 

We are here to serve you.  Call or email us today.

“What do you need built?  The sooner we talk, the sooner your project becomes move-in ready.  Let’s talk today.  I look forward to it!”        Jim Wilkinson