Rick Nelson


After obtaining a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Rick started his career as a graduate structural engineer working for a large forensic engineering firm. He worked on investigation and repair design for numerous building structures. Rick then moved to another large structural engineering firm that did both new construction and forensic engineering. Rick worked on many projects, including a number of building collapse investigations, and design of retail structures, such as the Woodlands Mall in the Houston area. He also worked on a large hanger for the U.S. Government, and designed huge concrete transfer beams that were up to 17 feet deep and 6 feet wide that supported 40 stories of building structure above the beam, then transferred the loads of up to 6 million pounds to columns in the parking structure below the tower that didn’t line up with the tower columns.

Rick subsequently formed a new engineering firm, Nelson Jones, which continues to offer engineering services, and is primarily focused on forensic engineering and repair design for various clients, including building owners, insurance companies, and attorneys. Mr. Nelson and Nelson Jones have an extensive background of expert witness work, including being retained as an expert witness on over 1,000 properties.

Ever since he was a kid playing in his sand box, Rick has loved to build things. Rick spent many years helping other people build things, and coming in to help fix their problems. However, he desired to have the satisfaction that comes with building his own projects. CIMA was formed to achieve that desire to directly build projects instead of just supervising other people’s projects.