McKinney, Texas

Bahama Buck’s was started by Blake Buchanan in 1990 while he was attending Texas Tech University in Lubbock. It is currently in a rapid expansion phase with nearly 100 stores either open or in development.

After deciding to build his second Bahama Buck’s, Raymond selected CIMA as his general contractor. CIMA started work on his project, and was able to move along quickly. CIMA started it’s project after another nearby Bahama Bucks started their work, but completed it’s project before the other store. When Bahama Buck’s corporate staff arrived to install their equipment, they said that this was the best work they had ever seen on one of their stores. There was only one item on their punch list (corrections list).

When another franchise owner that was looking to build a new store asked other Bahama Bucks owners about their contractor experiences, he found that Raymond was the only one with a positive report.