San Antonio, Texas

Buffalo Wild Wings is a nationwide chain of casual dining restuarants that opened in 1990. Our staff have experience with a number of projects for Buffalo Wild Wings, from minor remodeling to complete gutting of an existing restaurant to creating a new Buffalo Wild Wings.

When Food Management Partners needed a contractor to turn an existing Marie Calendars into a Buffalo Wild Wings, they selected CIMA because we were able to work with a challenging existing building and incomplete drawings. After demolition started, the challenges only grew. It was discovered that much of the existing structural framing was rotten, and had to be replaced. To speed the work, CIMA performed the engineering through our related company, Nelson Jones. Nelson Jones also redesigned an addition to the building so that it would comply with geotechnical requirements.

Even though it was challenging, the client was happy with the effort. The BWW corporate rep, Edmond, said “CIMA did an outstanding work for the First Stadia, I will highly recommend CIMA …”