Flower Mound, Texas

When he first contacted CIMA, the owner of a new Roosters Men’s Grooming Center franchise was very concerned that his barbershop would not be ready by the time the anchor tenant opened at a new strip center. He was counting on the push of business associated with opening his shop at the same time as the larger tenants. Although the schedule appeared challenging, we assured him that we would push the work as fast as possible.

When our contract was signed, the permit hadn’t been secured, so we had to wait for the city to review the permit. At first, it was rejected, which would have caused unfortunate delays to the project. We worked with the city to resolve their concerns, and they allowed us to proceed with part of the project while we worked with the architect to resolve the deficiencies in their plans.

We were also able to use our close relationship with the engineering firm Nelson Jones to speed along the permit by getting a required certification completed quickly.

Once the permit was approved, CIMA immediately pushed the schedule to get the work and inspections done in the shortest possible time. As it turned out,  CIMA completed the work so quickly that we finished before the shell building was complete, and had to wait on the shell contractor before we could receive our Certificate of Occupancy. The Owner was very pleased to open at the same time as the anchor tenant.